Magnet Gears

The fun and educational toy for your future engineer!

Magnet Gears

Magnet Gears
Brightly colored, functional, acrylic magnetic gears are sure to entertain and educate kids of all ages! The set includes 5 gears - 1 large, 2 medium, and 2 small in a variety of styles and colors. The largest gear is 6 inches in diameter. The center magnet button is interchangeable between gears.




Get Your Mental Gears Going

Loved By Kids of All


Magnet Gears stick to any metal surface with powerful magnets in the center of the gears.  Mix and match the pieces for endless combinations. Magnet Gears encourage children to be creative and learn how gears work, combining fun and learning.                                                      Magnet Gears are perfect for kids from 6 to 106.  Simple and easy to use for hours of fun.                                                        


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Magnet Gears are the perfect gift for your future engineer.  They spark creativity and educate your kids on gear mechanics.  Best of all they are a fun toy that can be put on your fridge to frequently encourage interaction and educational entertainment.    

Magnet Gears are designed and manufactured in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus Idea Foundry.  They are made of acrylic and strong magnets, and stick to metal surfaces like a refrigerator, file cabinet or baking sheet.  Due to small parts and magnets, they are not recommended for kids that put toys in their mouth.  Ages 5 and up.